Gerrit Code Review with GitHub repositories

GitHub is the most popular free Git hosting in the world with over 5 Millions repositories! You can now use it with the power of Gerrit, the best Enterprise Engine for Git and Code Review.

  • Import users

    Sign in with GitHub

    Use your existing GitHub account for logging in with Gerrit.

  • Import projects

    Import repositories

    Get your code hosted on GitHub visible and replicated in Gerrit.

  • Code Review

    Code review workflow

    Implement the Code Review using Gerrit workflow User-Experience.

  • Refresh pull requests

    GitHub pull requests

    Keep in touch with external users synchronizing pull requests with reviews.

  • Sign in with GitHub

    Sign-in to GitHub

    Login to Gerrit using your GitHub credentials: you need to authorize GerritHub to access your account, keys and repositories. With a single click you can start using Gerrit Code Review.

  • Replicate Git repositories

    Replicate Git repositories

    Gerrit automatically replicates all the changes back and forth to GitHub.
    Allows to integrate with Community-based OpenSource project whilst keeping a single Enterprise Git repository in Gerrit.

  • Pull requests with Gerrit

    Pull requests with Gerrit

    Fetch your GitHub pull requests and upload them in Gerrit for review. Enable a single point of validation of the Code Review workflow and keep your external contributors up-to-date on GitHub.